Beit Shalom

Our Facilities

Beit Shalom Synagogue's premises consist of a sanctuary seating about 100 people, the Rose Harrison hall named in honour of a congregant, a large and fully functioning kitchen and three small classrooms, one of which houses our archives.

The Library

Beit Shalom has a library of Jewish literature in the foyer of our synagogue.

The library is named after Abraham Tversky and contains two other collections. There is a wide range of materials including fiction, religious, philosophical, historical and social publications. There are dictionaries, encyclopedias, rare 19th and 20th century prayer books and titles in Hebrew, Yiddish and German. The children's collection is very popular.

The Library relies on donations and operates an an honour system. Just write you name and the the title of the book into our register and cross it off when you return it, Gertie Ross, Shirley Batton Ellie Rosenfield, Nick Sag and Liz Bor have all been custodians of the Library.

In 1994 our volunteer librarians moved the reference works and audio-visual materials to the corridor to increase the shelf space available in the foyer.

There are three collections in the library
• The Abraham Tversky Library
• The Johann and Pnina Peisach Collection
• The Martin Spitzer Book Collection

The Artwork

Nearly every aspect of life at Beit Shalom is special and has a sense of the holy. We have been very fortunate to have amongst our congregation some wonderful artists, including Andrew Steiner, who has created much of the inspiring art in our sanctuary.

Our ark and Torahs wear covers created by our embroidery committee.

You enter our synagogue, through double doors fitted with four bronze Torah handles as a constant reminder of our sacred scrolls. Set in the door panels are two stained glass leadlight squares depicting the twelve ancient tribes of Israel. This work is dedicated by the artist to the Steiner-Hochberg families.

Foyer Doors Stained glass windwows

The Silky Oak trunk has seven segments which represent the seven Mitzvot of the sons of Noah and the seven days of Creation. Shabbat, the glorious Queen, is represented by a crown at the top of the Tree.

The twelve branches, made of linished stainless steel, symbolize the Twelve Tribes and the twelve months of the year. The large commemorative plaque represents the leap year or Adar II. Each branch has eighteen leaves symbolic of Chai (the name and the number of life). The eucalypt leaf design speaks of Australia and resembles the Parachot of the Aron Hakodesh.

This work is a record of fundraising and commemorates special events in members' lives. It is dedicated by the artist Andrew Steiner to the inspirational leadership of past Rabbi Lenore Bohm and past president of Beit Shalom Merrilyn Ades.

Tree of Life  imgae for Mitzvot inscriptions

In a doorway facing south is a stained glass leadlight window encompassing our deliverance from Egypt, the sanctity of the Shabbat, our major Holydays and the special features of our Chag (festival) observances. The Menorah is very special, a representation of a 10th century bronze which is at the Jerusalem Museum.

Zikaron, or Remembrance, honours the memories of Charles and Margaret Steiner, Dr Judith Glonek and Amanda Glonek.

Stain Glass door of Rememberance

This is a stained glass leadlight window depicting "The Creation of the Universe" in a vibrant dynamic way honoring Leila Naomi and Lewis Lipert, the first Trustee of the newly established Temple Shalom, the Liberal Jewish Congregation of South Australia.

Stain glass window named The Beginning which depicts the Creation of the Universe.

This stained glass leadlight window commemorates a 'strong young lion Ari Ades' who died tragically in his early twenties. Portrayed are the River of Life, the Valley of Death, numerous religious symbols - the shofar, the Decalogue, the psaltery and the wondrous golden stone special to Jerusalem.

Stain glass window named Eternal Dream.

YERUSHALAYO or Friday night in Jerusalem was designed and made by Israeli artist Raya Tsur in 1989 in memory of Victor & Odette Ades.

Stain glass window named Eternal Dream.

The Magen David is commemorating the 50th anniversary of Beit Shalom. It is a multi-dimensional piece constructed from stainless steel.

Magen David, celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Beit Shalom.

It is crafted from bronze with an ancient wax method technique.

Magen David, celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Beit Shalom.

Honouring Merrilyn Ades and Lynette Nino for their contribution and service to Beit Shalom

Honouring Merrilyn Ades and Lynette Nino for their contribution and service to Beit Shalom.