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Rabbi Shoshana Kaminsky

Rabbi Shoshana Kaminsky for Purim

Rabbi Shoshana Kaminsky

Rabbi Shoshana Kaminsky playing the guitar

About our Rabbi

Rabbi Shoshana Kaminsky was born in Washington, DC and grew up as part of a large Reform synagogue. Because the morning slot was already taken for her preferred bat mitzvah date, her bat mitzvah was held late on Shabbat afternoon when the only guests in attendance were friends and family. She has appreciated how Beit Shalom Progressive Synagogue offers an alternative model: ours is not only a congregation but also an extended family where the yearly festival cycle and life cycle events are celebrated by the whole synagogue.

Rabbi Kaminsky migrated to Australia with her husband Robert Nansel and sons Yonatan and Nadav in 2006. Since coming to Adelaide, she has become active in a number of multifaith projects. She also currently serves as chair of the Council of Progressive Rabbis of Australia, New Zealand and Asia. At Beit Shalom, she is involved in all aspects of the congregation, from celebrating Shabbat with our youngest members at our monthly Tot Shabbat service to participating in regular activities for our elders. She is passionate committed to the central teachings of Progressive Judaism and works hard to live out its values of egalitarianism and an ongoing dialogue between tradition and modernity. She is constantly seeking ways to make all aspects of Jewish life more relevant and exciting for Jews living in the modern world.

If you would like to meet with Rabbi Kaminsky, feel free to contact her directly at to schedule an appointment.




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